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"We just received the package with our labels - one set of the iron-on, stick-on, and vegan alerts.  First - I cannot believe how fast we got them!  Second - the quality is fantastic, and we are already busy sticking them upon everything.  I will be telling everyone I know about your site and I am sure I will be ordering more soon... especially at the rate we are already labeling all our items."
- Tina  R., Bristol Illinois

"Thank you so much for the labels, nice product and quick delivery!"
- Natalie M., Longmont Colorado

"Just wanted to let you know that I am LOVING the labels.  The bright yellow ones that read, 'ALLERGY PLEASE NO...' have really given me peace of mind when my son is at preschool.  He is almost 3 years old and speech delayed, so he's unable to communicate clearly.  In a way, the label speaks for him!  I place a label on his back each time he attends preschool to remind all the teachers of his food allergens.  Thank you so much!!"
- Cindy A. Buffalo, New York

"Moms put iron-on labels on just about everything. I took them to Girl Scout camp, and thanks to them, my belongings stayed my belongings.  Unexpectedly, twenty years later, my recorder case still bears its label which instantly brings fond memories of camp.  Mom never knew her decision to buy those labels would have such an impact, but now that I do, I intend to make it a family tradition."
- Brandy S. Brow


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